Legal status of dogs in France has changed (November 2015)

The legal status of dogs in France has changed. They are no longer to be regarded as ‘property’ but as sentient beings deserving of protection in their own right. (voted for in the National Assembly but not yet approved by the Senate).

The Canadian state of Quebec has also changed the legal status of dogs to sentient beings.

A new law also limits the private breeding of dogs. As from 2016, anyone who wants to sell a dog (or cat) will need to declare it to the tax services and obtain a unique number. This number will have to be written in all classified ads for selling dogs (and cats). Potential buyers will also have access to the name and postal address of the seller.

Welsh Assembly New Dog Breeding Regulations

May 2015 The Animal Welfare (Breeding of Dogs) (Wales) Regulations imposes tougher criteria for those breeding and rearing dogs and puppies (applicable to those who keep three or more breeding bitches). Measures include a minimum staff ratio of 1.20 and a requirement to adopt socialisation plans for puppies. The Welsh Local Government Association will play a crucial role in the enforcement of these new Regulations.

EU Law to Register all Dog Breeders and Sellers

May 2015 All dog breeders and sellers will need to be registered from 2020 under a new European Union Animal Health Law. The proposal was put forward by the Eurogroup for Animals to tackle the welfare issues of back street breeding and has been acccepted by the European Union.

Kennel Club Provides £30,000 to Support the CMSM Scheme

April 2015 The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and British Veterinary Association (BVA) have pledged £30,000 for MRI scans taken before the inception of the BVA/KC CM/SM Scheme to be re-assessed by the Scheme. This offer of £100 per MRI scan will apply to KC registered dogs only. Assessing older MRI scans will aid the understanding of the disease, and provide data to help in the development of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs). EBVs can be used to help to select dogs at lower risk of passing on complex inherited diseases such as CMSM and are already being used for Hip dysplasia (HD) and Elbow dysplasia (ED) in some breeds. This addresses the concerns of Cavalier breeders about the cost of using the official CMSM scheme. It is very much hoped that breeders take up this grant.