Meeting with the Kennel Club

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP, and I met with Chairman of the KC, Steve Dean and Breeder Services Manager, Bill Lambert. A wide ranging discussion took place in which the KC rejected the idea of awarding a Champion of Health at dog shows and also the idea that all health tests listed on the Assured Breeder Scheme should be ‘required’ rather than  ‘recommended’. The KC will not make the BVA/KC CMSM scheme ‘required’ on the grounds that it isn’t robust enough, nor was it prepared to exert any pressure on Cavaliers breeders to use the scheme. The KC does not accept the findings of the published paper on the Prevalence of CMSM, ie that 70% of Cavaliers have SM by the age of 6 years. DNA tests for Episodic Falling Syndrome and Dry Eye Curly Coat would be added to the ABS as recommended tests for Cavaliers.

Dog Breeding Reform Group (DBR)

A new group is set up to work together to lobby politicians and give support to the Dog Advisory Council. The group is supported by Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP and Neil Parish, Chairman of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW). It’s members are: Marisa Heath (APGAW), James Yeates (RSPCA), Lisa Richards (RSPCA),  Dan O’Neill (VetCOMPASS), Harvey Locke (past President of the BVA), Dr Clare Rusbridge (Dog Advisory Council), Carol Fowler (dog welfare campaigner)

Advice sought from Professor Sheila Crispin, Chairman, Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding (DAC)

‘Achievable’ Objectives of the DBR:

  1. Advocate the continuation of the Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding (DAC) until a satisfactory alternative independent committee is set up to represent the welfare of all Companion Animals
  2. Obtain funding for the DAC beyond 2013 which will allow it to continue to work on its agreed priorities
  3. Promote the widespread use of a single accepted Puppy Contract
  4. Promote a single accepted Breeding Standard
  5. Call for the UK Government to support enforcement of the registration of all dog breeders with the local authorities (alternatively, lobby for the reduction of a breeder’s licensing requirements to three or more litters a year)
  6. Call for the UK Government to enact secondary legislation under the Animal Welfare Act to protect the offspring of dogs used for breeding and to include this in the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs
  7. Call for the Government to repeal of the Breeding of Dogs Acts 1973, 1991 and 1999 and replace with new regulations under the Animal Welfare Act 2006
  8. Call for the Government to require that any advertisement for the sale of dogs/puppies must include the breeder’s local authority registration number and address and advice that puppies should be seen with their mother.
  9. Call for the Government and Opposition to ban the importation of puppies under six months old