BVA AWF and RSPCA Puppy Contract and PIP Launched

The BVA AWF and RSPCA Puppy Contract and PIP was launched at the BSAVA Congress 2012

The Puppy Contract is supported by the major animal welfare organisations and aims to safeguard the puppy buyer and breeder.  Puppy buyers are advised to buy from a breeder who uses (or is prepared to use) the Puppy Contract to ensure that puppies have been ethically bred and that all reasonable care has been taken to breed puppies free from genetic disease and extreme conformations.

The Contract and PIP is available to all and can be downloaded from

Ceva Pet Lovers Animal Welfare Winner

April 2012 winner of this award is Carol Fowler

‘For her continued campaigning to  improve the health of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed and sterling efforts to improve the genetic welfare of all purebred dogs.’