Kennel Club launches the first phase of its online Mate Select (genetic diversity)

This is a small step forward in changing the culture of dog breeding as breeders will now know what impact a proposed mating will have on the genetic diversity of their breed (although it doesn’t prevent a breeder from breeding closely related dogs if she chooses to do so)

Although welcome, Mate Select does not yet tackle the problem of genetic disease.  This can only happen when Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are available – values based on the degree of risk that a proposed mating will have on the likelihood of genetic disease in the offspring of that mating.  It involves the collection of health data on individual dogs within a breed and will depend on the co-operation of breeders in supplying the health data – something that is by no means guaranteed.

Prestigious award for Dr Clare Rusbridge BVMS PhD DipECVN MRCVS

The Blue Cross Animal Welfare Charity has awarded Dr Clare Rusbridge the J A Wright Memorial Award for her outstanding contribution to the welfare of companion animals 2011.

For her work with the CKCS Society with regard to Syringomyelia.

This is fitting tribute and recognition of Dr Rusbridge’s dedication to finding a solution to the Chiari-like malformation/Syringomyelia problem in Cavaliers and other dog breeds.

Congratulations, Clare, from Cavalier owners all over the world.